My Anti-Bucket List

Apparently today is sibling day. So I decided to do something my brother usually does – go against the grain. He would not read Harry Potter just because everyone was doing so. He would choose to do something weird just because no one does it. Since it is all the rage to write down bucket lists, I figured that I would write an anti-bucket list instead. This list consists of things I have never done and never want to do, things I have done voluntarily that I never want to repeat, and things I have been forced to and never hope to do again. Here it goes (in no particular order):

Things I have never done and I never want to do:

1. Recreational drugs

2. Deep sea dive or surf

3. Go on a one-way trip to Mars

4. Bungee jump

5. Eat meat or seafood

6. Sing to an audience

7. Go to jail

8. Get a tongue piercing or a face tattoo

9. Have a pet cat

10. Lose interest in learning

Things that I have done voluntarily but have no interest in repeating

1. Give birth – have done it twice

2. Get drunk – have done it once

3. Go to graduate school – have done it twice

4. Wear high heels, especially stilettos – used to do it a lot when I was an undergraduate

5. Stay up all night long – have done it countless times

6. Chat online with a stranger – have done it several times

7. Go to a college football game – have done it twice!

8. Grow my hair long – done it many times, hated it every single time

9. Cook wax beans – have done it once with disastrous results

10. Watch the movie Vanilla Sky – once was enough!

Things I have been forced to do that I never want to do again

1. Move 5 times in a year

2. Live in Mississippi

3. Commute 4 hours every day

4. Take a Tamil exam

5. Undergo any kind of surgery

6. Live somewhere it snows longer than a week

7. Move to a new country where I don’t know a single person

8. Any job I hate just for the money

9. Skip breakfast

10. Let down somebody who depended on me

Maybe someday I will write a bucket list. Today is not the day.